Sinus Infection Contagious

Many people have asked the question: “Is a sinus infection contagious?”  The answer, in short, is no. The medical condition is actually not an infection at all. It is just the nasal passageways being in a constant state of being inflamed.

When we are breathing, we are inhaling numerous things into our sinus cavities. Dust, pollutants of all sorts, animal dander, and more go into our nose and will become trapped in the mucus. The end result of this is that the delicate membranes will become irritated.

Once these membranes are irritated, the body starts to release histamine, and this causes inflammation of the sinuses if too much is released. As an end result, the body starts to produce even more mucus, and the sinuses become clogged. And because it is clogged, the process begins all over again, resulting in more sinus problems on top of the others.

So it isn’t an infection, but is the results of a chain reaction in the body that seems like it is infected, and it is hard to break the cycle until these pollutants are finally discharged from the body, and if you are constantly around the pollutant, the cycle never breaks. This then answers the question, and we conclude that a sinus infection isn’t contagious.

For some, that isn’t enough to answer the question: “is a sinus infection contagious?” At times, one thinks that they have a sinus infection.

Others in their household or that they are in contact with get sick, so they think this means that it is contagious. But if others get sick, then odds are this is a cold or the flu, and not a sinus infection.

Now a sinus infection can start from a cold or the flu, but that doesn’t mean that the sinus infection in itself is contagious. This means that the cold or flu can cause a sinus infection. There is a difference. So the condition that has caused the infection is what can spread to others.

Another cause of sinus infections is a virus. There story is similar to the common cold of today. Especially when it comes to the flu, it can cause the sinuses to stop draining and the sinuses then get clogged up because the mucus is still being produced, and it doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Bacteria loves to nest itself in mucus, and this is because it is the perfect place for bacteria to grow. And since mucus has the design of collecting all the pollutants and pathogens that it can before air enters the body, this could lead to a bacterial infection.

And a bacterial infection will cause you to be miserable as well, either clogging up your sinus cavities or causing them to be clogged and flow a lot as well. This seems impossible, but it can do both.

With all of this evidence, it is hoped that your question: “is a sinus infection contagious?” Has been answered. It isn’t contagious, but it is the actual source that causes the sinus infection that can be spread.